Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Retaining Wall Blocks: Cost-Effective and Attractive

Hardscaping is a tried and true way to add elegance, drama, and easy-maintenance, usable area to your yard. Our chosen suppliers are CST and Belgard, two large and reputable retaining wall and patio system manufacturers.

First, it has to be said, these supplies are not only higher quality, but more economical than the blocks you will get at a big box store. In addition to being made of higher-quality concrete, the quality of engineering is unmistakable. Retaining walls are self-draining, self locking, and require relatively little in the way of footings, reducing the cost of the project.

Planning Your Installation

If you are thinking of installing a patio system, retaining wall, raised planters, driveway entrance, accent wall, or any combination of these, take the time to think big. It is much easier to install and engineer everything at once than it is to add to it later, especially when you take into account the extra landscaping.

Check with your local building codes to see if there are any special requirements. Some larger projects require the supervision of an engineer, and others need to have the plans and work inspected.

If your design skills are not up to the task, there are various professionals to assist you, from landscape designers to architects. Come into our showroom at JK Enterprises and we can let you know what you need to get started, and get a feel for which types of stone, and which company’s products you will be using in your design.

Worth the Effort

A hardscape retaining wall or patio is a proven way to add value to your home, not to mention how much more enjoyable it becomes to live in, with the warm stone textures, the graceful curves, and the easy maintenance. Best of all, retaining wall stones and pavers can be integrated into any style and construction, from a sprawling ranch, an elegant antebellum or a quaint Cape Cod.

A patio can mean more al fresco dinners with family and friends, retaining walls can rescue portions of your property you were at a loss to maintain, and the look and feel of the rich warmth and texture will give your home an air of sophistication and old fashioned civility.

We’d be happen to show you around the showroom to give examples of what can be done. Let us know what you’re thinking; we love to make dreams a reality.


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